A True Story


A note from the author

To Our Readers;

It has been my priviledge to  know and work on this project with Julian and Frieda Noga. Their remarkable journey together was related to me over many months and countless cups of tea in their comfortable home. They told me, one at a time and both at once, of their extraordinary experiences. We laughed and cried, I wrote and we revised. The story took over my brain and for two years immersed me in a time and place that began to feel as familiar as my own.

The twists and turns of fate, their courage and devotion to one another, and the sheer malevolence that they faced, dominated my thoughts and kept me up at night. It was a brutal chapter in human history, but there were many small miracles like lights in the distance. Julian and Frieda, thier families, Hans Bauer and others shine like the stars they are and always shall. 

My sincere thanks to them for sharing with me. And to you, as well, for your interest and support.

Warmest regards,

Krista Perry Dunn