A True Story


Book Summary
The Courtship of Julian & Frieda is the true story of a young couple who develop an extraordinary bond. In the old-world splendor of a remote mountain estate, a wealthy girl and a poor boy are thrown together by circumstance. An unsuitable match by the standards of the day, these two congenial young people would soon realize a regard for one another strong enough to defy any proscription.

Although they are both unmarried Catholics, the Nazis have decred any relationship between an Austrian and a Pole to be strictly forbidden. The couple meet in secret; for a year they successfully elude detection until, in the summer of 1941, they are betrayed. Arrested and sent to Gestapo headquarters, they face the implacable savagery of Nazi “justice.”

The Courtship of Julian & Frieda is a story about destiny, tyranny and the power of true love; a factual account of two unworldly young lovers who, through sheer luck and unselfish devotion, overcome unimaginable odds to be together.